Summer Course – Musique de l’Écurie

La Petite Écurie is excited to share the great joy of oboe-band playing in our unique summer course: Musique de l´Écurie!

The course will take place from August 6th to 10th (2024) in the Netherlands.
We warmly invite baroque oboists (including oboe d’amore, taille, basse de hautbois), baroque
bassoonists (including baroque fagottino, tenoroon and contrabassoon), and percussionists to participate. Throughout this engaging five-day program, we will explore every aspect of oboe-band playing. Since we have room for 25 participants, the first 25 applications will be given priority!

To submit your application CLICK HERE (Deadline is March 31, 2024). We look forward to welcome you!


Chamber music and oboe-band lessons

Each participant will be playing with the members of La Petite Écurie in several chamber music and oboe band settings.* We will be working together on known and unknown oboe band repertoire. The oboe band music for the course will be sent shortly after the applications are closed and the participants received their confirmation.

* joining the course with your own group and own repertoire is also possible!

Individual Lessons

As a participant, you will receive two individual lessons (1 hour) during the course to work on technique and repertoire of your own choice. If you want to have more individual lessions, please mention this in your application.

Reed workshop

A workshop given by Marc Bonastre Riu, Miriam Jorde Hompanera and Giovanni Battista Graziado.

Visit of Instrument Makers

We would like to welcome instrument builders from the Netherlands, exact details will follow soon!

Lectures about historic oboe bands

We want give you some interesting background information on the historic development of oboe bands, show you some original repertoire and also dig into historical performance practice concerning oboe bands.

Baroque dances and their metres

Since dance music represents about 90% of the oboe band repertoire, let’s check out together their rhythms, metres, phrasing (tactus) and tempos. In these units you will be led by Philipp, our percussionist. You may play together with him some historic percussion to get “the feel” for the different types of dances.


The summercourse for the percussionists consist of: Individual lessons, technical group lessons (traditional side drum technique, timpani playing, tambourine techniques, castagnets and more), Improvisation lessons in the group (how to accompany baroque music), chamber music sessions (daily; only percussion AND with the double reed players), oboe band sessions (daily) and the final concert.

Rehearsals for the Final Concert

All musicians are invited to participate in daily oboe-band XL rehearsals, led by La Petite Écurie.

Final Concert

All musicians participate in the Oboe-Band XL, held on August 10. The final concert (open to the public) will be partly filled with chamber music (oboe) bands, and finish with a Grande Finale Oboe-Band XL.

Concert by La Petite Écurie

Questions about any of the above? Just send us an e-mail:

  • On Aug. 6, participants are expected at 1 p.m., where we will begin with a communal lunch and opening of the course.
  • On Aug. 10, the course will end in the evening with a final concert (open to the public!) and, of course, a party.
  • On Aug. 11 in the morning is the individual departure of all participants.

    A more detailed daily schedule for Aug. 6 to 10, 2024, participants will receive a few weeks before the course will begin.
Application Proces

CLICK HERE to submit your application! The application deadline is March 31, 2024.

Since we have room for 25 participants, the first 25 applications will be given priority! 

Applicants will be notified (via e-mail) of acceptance by April 15, 2024.
Late applications will be accepted if enrollment permits!


Musique de l’Écurie

Musique de l’Écurie will take place in and around the “Koepelkerk” in Sappemeer, a picturesque town near the city of Groningen. The Koepelkerk is a 17th-century church on Noorderstraat in the Dutch town of Sappemeer.
The city is easily accessible by several (inter)national trains, via Germany (Hamburg airport) or Amsterdam (Schiphol airport). More detailed information on arrival and departure (such as a transfer between Groningen and Sappemeer train stations), will be provided after the registration process is closed.


Musique de l’Écurie is an all inclusive course, not only do we provide good accommodation (a hotel) but also lunch and dinner (freshly cooked by a chef!).
The cost for participation in La Petite Écurie’s course is € 550,-


All applicants (and La Petite Écurie) will be staying in single rooms at Hotel Faber. Take a look at their website!


For any questions, feel free to send us a message! We look forward to hearing from you!