La Petite Écurie is an oboe band performing music of the 17th and 18th centuries on historical instruments: two oboes, taille, bassoon and percussion. 

The name of the ensemble refers to the “Grande Écurie”, a musical establishment at the royal court of Louis XIV in Versailles, where most of his wind players were employed.

Miriam, Valerie, Marc, Giovanni and Philipp met at the Festival Musica Antica in Urbino (Italy) in 2018. After playing together with great enthusiasm they decided to form an oboe band together.

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Born in Cosenza and lives in Basel and Milan, knows all about fagottini and tenoroons which he researched at the Schola Canturom Basiliensis, loves teaching, is also a founding member of Abchordis, cooks the greatest Italian food for La Petite Écurie!


Born in Maastricht and lives on the other side of the country in Groningen, where she has a job with the modern oboe in the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra. She loves to hike in the mountains and is the organizational motor of La Petite Écurie!


A widely interested chamber music percussionist who owns MANY instruments, is also part of Duo Enßle-Lamprecht, loves and performs historic but also modern music, was born in South Tyrol but lives in Germany, brings the groove to La Petite Écurie!


Born in Tàrrega, currently lives in Bern. Studied and plays modern and all historical oboes. Speaks fluent Swiss-German. When he is not playing concerts or riding motorbikes, he teaches oboe at the Konservatorium Bern. Marc is the Taille-specialist of La Petite Écurie.


Currently lives in Madrid, speaks five languages fluently, loves reading and eating Giovanni's creations, she also loves when Philipp talks during the concerts so she doesn't have to do it, is a founding member of El Gran Teatro del Mundo and brings the Spanish temperament to La Petite Écurie!


5 August 2024

Summercourse - Musique de l’Écurie

20 September 2024

Festin du Vendredi

21 September 2024

Concert in Dietikon

5 October 2024

Musica ad Confluentum

South Bohemia
31 October 2024

Kammermusik Konzerten Langenthal

6 November 2024

Concert in Theater de Winsinghhof

9 November 2024

Koffieconcert in Harlingen

10 November 2024

Concert in Brummen

15:00 uur
19 January 2025

Valletta Baroque Festival


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